Welcome to the World of Nachmeinemeinung!


I am pretty sure that upon you chancing this blog, you may have a problem in pronouncing the word ‘nachmeinemeinung’ or even make out what language it may be etc.

Let me clarify. ‘Nachmeinemeninung’ is of the German language (Hochdeutsch bitte, keine Umgangssprache) and comprises of three different words ie ‘nach’ (means ‘after’), ‘meine’ (means ‘my’) and ‘meinung’ (means ‘opinion’). Together, ‘nachmeinemeinung’ means ‘in my humble opinion’. From my experience, when the phrase ‘nachmeinemeinung’ is used amongst German speaking peoples, the opinions voiced shall be heard and respected but not necessarily adopted. Well, two out of three ain’t bad, innit?

I chose the name ‘nachmeinemeinung’ for my blog because of the simple fact that some opinions of mine may not go down well with others. But in spirit of the phrase ‘nachmeinemeinung’, I wish for my opinions to be heard and respected for what they are ie my opinions. If they are to be adopted, well and fine. Otherwise, no problemo.

So, again, welcome to the world of Nachmeinemeinung and here’s hoping to a good read.



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