New Year Resolutions?

Its December 28th today and in three days time, 2012 will descend upon us. Another year gone, to be replaced by another with all thats in store for us.

When I was a teenager many many moons ago, I came to learn that people actually have New Year resolutions, a list of what they want to achieve during the coming 12 months, personal or otherwise.

I thought nothing of it and that it was the norm for everybody until that one fateful day. It was just like today, several days before the New Year, when a friend of mine when posed the question of what his New Year resolutions were, simply replied that he had none and does not plan to have any.

Curiousity got the better of me and I asked him why, to which he replied, why not. And that got me thinking.

I had, like those people I had mentioned earlier, in the past came up with my list of  New Year’s resolutions. Not a list that I would make public, mind you, but a list nevertheless. As the years went by, it dawned upon me that the time it took for my list to go up in smoke shortened considerably over the years, the fastest of which happened on New Year’s day itself.

If you’re thinking that it would involve my resolution to quit smoking, then yes, it would have made sense and yes again, it should not have counted. So discounting the annual resolution to quit smoking as a gone case, give or take within three months I’ll be back to square one.

I am fifty now. I would like to think that as the years had rolled by, I would have gotten wiser. I sincerely hope so. And wise enough I guess, not to make any resolutions for the New Year cos I am wise enough now to know that I’ll only make them just to break them. Furthermore, you don’t need New Year resolutions to take care of your health and the well being of your loved ones now, do you?

I guess its time to take life as it comes along, facing whatever challenges that it still is able to throw at you and hope that even at this age, you will still be able to dodge the kitchen sink thats coming your way.  Cest la vie. Que sera sera.

So here’s wishing all and sundry, Happy New Year and may 2012 be greater than 2011.


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