When Kids Can Cook

There is a new reality show in town and its all about cooking. But the difference is this time, the show is not focussed on some sadistic and egomaniacal chef swearing and cursing you for whatever reason that only he knows what, or having chefs compete with each other to come up with the most delightful dish ever and in the process of preparing it, curse and swear and backstab and what else have you. The show is also not hosted by so-called food critics, who do, at times, make you wonder as to what other culinary skill they might have besides boiling an egg.

In contrast, it’s a joy to watch the participants of this show prepare their dishes minus the cursing, the swearing and talking bad about each other. Instead they are well-mannered, and their enthusiasm in cooking the best dish possible does leave a good impression on you, and at the same time makes you marvel at their cooking abilities.

If you have not heard of Junior Masterchef Australia, then I would suggest you take a look at the show. Although the oldest participant is only at 12 or 13 years old, they can really make you look bad. And they all attribute their cooking skills and know how to their mummy and nana. Altogether now, isn’t that sweet?

Not all the participants are girls, surprisingly so. Don’t know whether its done on purpose or it’s just coincidence, but about half the Junior Masterchefs are boys and the way these boys slice and dice, they seem to pretty well know their way around the kitchen.

Truly a family fare, the moderators do not go overboard and belittle their little chefs’ creations. Praise them they do and often, but condemn? Nope, they don’t do that. It’s either to ensure that the little chefs do not lose confidence in their abilities or maybe it is just to make sure that nana or mummy don’t come down to the kitchen floor waving a rolling-pin in the moderators’ direction.

The little chefs have to prepare anything from the main course to appetizers to desserts. And to add to the fun, they also get to prepare dishes served at a restaurant, with food critics as the guests with actual waiters on standby. Pretty good experience. I’d say, if these kids are seriously thinking of  one day, opening their own restaurants.

The way it looks, Australia has every chance of being a culinary destination one day, if it’s not one yet, when and if these kids develop into extraordinary chefs. And that will stand them in good stead for the future.

It’s a family show all right. You get lots of fun watching these kids cook and at the same time, marvel at their dishes. There’s no swearing, no cursing and no backstabbing. No beeps, and that is so refreshing and so different from the many self-serving reality shows we have today.



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