A New Year, A New Diary

My dream diary complete with pen. (source : 123rf.com)

My dream diary complete with pen.
(source : 123rf.com)

We are now in the month of December of the year 2013. Soon, as always, before you know it, it’ll be Christmas again, followed closely by 31st December, signalling the closing of the year 2013.

I must admit that as the year enters its last month, my thoughts always goes on REPLAY mode, looking back at what I have achieved (and alas, also what I have not achieved) for the year that’s about to end, and along the way taking notes, mentally, as to what could be improved or be done better in the coming new year 2014.

Some may say that this is a New Year resolution-making process. It may be so to some and they may be correct to say that but I, having stated that I do not believe in making New year resolutions anymore, may beg to differ. I would call it ‘Life’s Annual Review’, that’s what I would call it.

Call it by any other name but that. Its long been an open secret that New Year resolutions only lasts for oh so long, and would therefore be considered lucky if they can last longer than a week (in my case anyway).

That for me won’t do as I would prefer these changes (for the better, I hope!) would be a continuous and lasting process and long may it be so.

The coming of the year-end is also a time when one gets inundated with diaries (of all shapes and sizes), desk calendars, pin-up calendars and what else have you, and is normally given away by business establishments to their clients in the shape of a customized diary.

These customized diaries are normally loaded with information such as the names of all the countries in the world, their capital cities, post codes, telephone codes etc etc. Some even load it with metric-empirical-metric conversion tables (which could come in handy) and other forms of information (most of which you don’t actually need but hey, they do make your diary look sophisticated).

Birthstone Calendar (source : 123rf.com)

Birthstone Calendar
(source : 123rf.com)

The giving away of diaries, calendars and the likes at year-end, can also be used as a barometer of what the year that is soon to come to an end, has been like for these companies. A good year would see many important looking diaries whereas a not-so-good year would be characterized by nondescript and pocket diaries, for example.

Over the years, I have had my fair share of diaries, management and pocket, which aptly described what the 80s, 90s and the new millenium was like for us working people then – a mixed bag of ups and downs.

For those of us unlucky enough not to have received any diaries from anyone (like myself over the last few years), fret not. Just saunter on down to the nearest bookshop, shopping mall and wherever they sell stationary and you’ll find lots and lots of diaries on offer.

Conventional diaries, management diaries, Islamic diaries etc etc etc. Large ones, pocket ones, colourful ones, drab looking ones ; they are all available.

That is IF you are agreeable with the price of the diaries on offer. I, for one, have never been that agreeable with the prices of the diaries on offer. I know I need one BUT not at any price. It’s not like its a do-or-die situation for me anyway. I can always buy them later.

“later’ usually means a good month after the New Year (at least!) and its therefore no wonder that for the last few years, entries in my diary begin somewhat late…like in February or March instead of January.

'Dear Diary, ... today I......' (source : 123rf.com)

‘Dear Diary, … today I……’
(source : 123rf.com)

Diary entries too have become more pointed than before. Short, concise and devoid of any hint of the charm and personality of the one writing it. It may be so but then again, its less corny than the ‘DEAR DIARY’ bit.

But regardless of the form your diary entries may take, for as long as it serves its purpose, then its fine, I guess. Whether its ‘Dear Diary, Today……..” or the ‘9am Meeting with so-and-so, agenda so-and-so-and-so’, its does not really matter except to the one keeping the diary. Is it not?

In the meantime, anybody got a nice leather bounded management diary for 2014 to spare?


2 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Diary

  1. Sharifah

    I enjoyed reading this great post. Never outgrew my liking and curiosity about looking at all the kinds of diaries that you mentioned. 🙂 Best Wishes for the New Year.


    1. nachmeinemeinung Post author

      Glad you liked it, and thanks for dropping in despite the long break between posts. I too would like to wish you and your family happy holidays and a happy New Year. Take care. Cheers!



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