Writer’s Block??????

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I’m thinking, I’m thinking……. (sourced from : dailymail.co.uk

It has been a long while since I last posted anything on any one of the four blogs that I’ve created on WordPress. How long ago I myself have lost track. But it has been long, thats for sure.

I write about the places I have been to, complete with images that I thought would illustrate why I thought the places that I have been to were special enough for me to write about.


Hmmm. Politics is a jungle, they say. (sourced from strategicproductmanager.com)

I write about the politics that I believe in and also write about the politics that I don’t believe in. Well, ok. Hands up on the latter.

‘Write’ is too nice a word to use. ‘Tear into’ or ‘rant about’ would be more apt to describe what I actually ‘write’ about.

I mean, sometimes, its pretty obvious whats the agenda is, the things that i ‘rant about’ that surely but surely, everybody knows whats going on. But I don’t know and won’t pretend to know what goes on in those heads.


Thinking……..(sourced from photoshopcreative.co.uk)

I also write about my thoughts and experiences on issues that are varied, from hobbies to mere observations. Even bordering on the philosophical, if I’m allowed to indulge myself.

Not that I do not have anything to say or any worthwhile opinions to put across or anything witty to write. But rather, as cliché as it may sound and I do mean cliché, I just can’t seem to be able to actually write anything. And if I did start to write something, I can’t seem to actually finish writing the piece.


The workings of the mind….. (sourced from strangenotions.com)

Its like trying to put pen to paper, just that the pen is still hovering above the paper, nib at the ready, a few lines and then, it hovers. And hovers. And hovers. And there it has remained to hopefully, this momentous moment when I can actually finish what I started.

At times, I did wonder. Is this what they call a writer’s block? The one that every writer worth his salt, the one that many budding writers, the one that self-respecting bloggers dread and fear the most?

The thing is, if it is a writer’s block or a version of it, then why, pray tell, o why do I still get ideas as what to write about? And, as my better half would always say to me, ‘rant about’?


Its difficulat, this thinking….(sourced from paintingsilove.com)

Is it that no less dreaded P-word, Procrastination? Something to ponder, that. Later perhaps.

Or is it just plain laziness. Hmmmm. Is ‘being lazy’ the same as ‘being tired’? I mean, writing is tiring. Many a times, after writing a piece, editing it, and posting it, I do feel tired. Like finally, something is off my chest.

Boredom? Can’t be that. Did a lot of things during all that time. Went to many places as well, backed up by the many pictures that I took, either with my second-hand hand-me-down Samsung Note 1 or my slowly-getting-rusty-and-ageing basic Nikon digital camera. Can’t be boring all of them.

Bored with writing? Can’t be that either. I like writing a piece, the feeling you get when it’s finally done and posted. Yes, its tiring of course what with the effort of formulating the right phrases, the thinking of the right words to use, the planning and the editing, the uploading etc etc.

But the feeling of elation, of pure joy, or is it just plain old satisfaction that you get when someone else reads what you have written, with some even liking what you have written. Now that is a feeling that can’t be beat. Many times over.


Seriously….. (sourced from cutespaw.com)

Admittedly, I did have problems with my notebook, what with a jammed keyboard and problems with powering it up. I must admit to that being a real wet blanket whenever I felt like writing BUT can that really be used as an excuse? Is it an excuse?

Well, whatever it is, if it is a pre-requisite that every writer or aspiring writer like me must experience, then I believe and I hope and I pray that I have paid my dues.

Or have I? Till the next time the ‘block’ comes a visiting, here’s an aspiring writer signing off.

For the time being…..




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