Saturday Night Fever – The Movie that defined a Generation.


A scene from the movie Saturday Night Fever. (image sourced from

Yes, I know, To say that Saturday Night Fever (or SNF as it is sometimes referred to) defined a generation is a bit of an overkill.

But you have got to admit, especially if you are now in 50s and 60s, Saturday Night Fever was one of the movies, if not THE movie, that we had look forward to watching when we were old enough, having a 18-rating back then.

ostsnf bgs (

The soundtrack that made the Bee Gees MEGASTARS. (image sourced from

Saturday Night Fever was released in 1977. Produced by Robert Stigwood, it will be forty years next year since the movie was released. He not only produced the movie but also got the original sound track released under his label.

It was stated that the movie cost US3.5 million to make but it made almost 100 times that at the box office, never mind the sales from the original sound tracks and royalties from whatever you can think of eg posters etc.

line dancing snf (

Line dancing, Saturday Night Fever-style. (image sourced from

The movie was very notable for it was the movie that elevated that musical group, the Bee Gees, the brothers Gibb, from superstars to MEGASTAR status. Tunes from the movie was all over the air waves around the world.

So much so that whoever sang their songs would definitely have a hit on their hands, and whatever the brothers Gibb touched, they all turned into gold.

It was also the movie that introduced the STRUT. You can tell that someone had watched the movie the way every man who fancies himself having a slim waistline and a small butt (despite the opposite on both counts) was strutting up the high street, making peacocks envious of these new peacocks of the human kind. Mind you, the STRUT was a guy thing.

snf image (

Everybody on the dance floor. (image sourced from

It was also the movie that catapulted John Travolta into superstar status, with his Saturday Night Fever sulky demeanour being aped all over the world, never mind the dance moves, the white suit with the wide lapels, the big collared shirts, the wide bottomed pants and…… wait for it……the platform shoes.

It made having burgers a fashion statement of how to be cool. It also made Marlboro being the cigarette brand of the year as smoking in movies then was OK. Unlike today when it is politically correct not to smoke in the movies even though that’s what some people actually do in real life.

Disco became the in-thing. Discos and dance studios, teaching the dance moves that were Saturday Night Fever’s, mushroomed almost everywhere, regardless of whatever age you may be.

And the fun of actually trying it out on the dance floor even though it may be just a disco organized by the Students’ Union at the college’s common room. The fun of it all.

It may sound corny to the young generation but you have got to admit, those were the times when it felt good to be alive and most importantly, and it felt SO fun.

travoltahairdryer (

Saturday night rituals. (image sourced from

Of course, there was Grease but that came later. Even then, Saturday Night Fever was THE MOVIE. It was fun and it was exciting. The dance moves, the strut, the songs, the food, the cigs, and never forget …….the Saturday night.

Saturday night has never been the same after that.




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