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Well, don’t look at me. I wish I was one myself. But then again, so do countless others. And if you ask them all, everyone has his or her way of how to become a millionaire.

Unfortunately, not many of us succeed in becoming one and to make it more ironic, not only are the majority of us still far away from being admitted to that elusive club, but we have tonnes of debt that prevent us from ever joining that club. (Here’s the part where you can look at me.)

In my non-stop effort to gain membership to that exclusive club, I have come up with a list of a 7-step ‘What to Do’ to help me on my way to being a millionaire, guided of course by that wise-old-man mantra of my generation – work smart, play hard and live well.

Step 1

Know why you want to be a millionaire, just in case you forget what is it that you working so damn hard for. Cos it can’t be for over an utterly and ridiculously mouth tasting serving of fish and chips that you’re killing yourself for. That’s for sure.

Step 2

Know what you need to become a millionaire Part 1. The first ingredient – money and loads of it. Lets get real here. If you say you need to work hard to be a millionaire, its time to get off that high horse and put your nose close to the ground.

Not that it’s not true. Nothing comes easy in life and you still have to put in your share of hard work. But in so saying, have you not heard of that other wise-man mantra, ‘Money makes money’?

If no, then time to get acquainted with all those wise-old-man mantras. Most often than not, it does make sense, hence the ‘wise old men’ adage.

The new up-to-date mantra is, ‘don’t work hard but work smart’. How that works is still something you need to ponder long and hard cos it may not sound that kosher to some. And in some cases, it is not kosher at all.

I prefer the ‘don’t just work hard BUT also work smart’. It’s more acceptable especially for those of us who places a high premium on ‘decent pursuits’.

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Ways to make money from blogging. Hmmm, interesting. (sourced from

Step 3

The second ingredient that you would need to make you a millionaire would be to have your own business, one that has a viable way to make a profit, and preferably lots of it.

That’s also a definite as you won’t get to be a millionaire by working for somebody else. Well some do but then not everybody has stock options, do they?

Or have a windfall of a contract, even though the company may go bankrupt under your watch, and the shareholders all lose their investments due to a ‘management oversight’.

Having you own business places you in the right track to get to that elusive status, for there’s no limit to what can be achieved by working hard AND working smart.

Step 4

Third ingredient – trust. Since you will need money to make money and its like a definite that you don’t have it in the first place (well, not in abundance anyway), you will need somebody to back you up in your quest with that very important of an ingredient – money.

Whether it’s a bank or a venture capitalist or an ‘angel’ or whatever-they-call-it-nowadays, they (they with money, of course) will need to be able to trust you and you will need to give them a reason to trust you enough to loan you the money. In other words, it can be put across as ‘No trust no dinero, no dinero no capital, no capital no business’.

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Cold hard cash. Better than plastic any day.(sourced from

Step 5

The fourth ingredient that you would need to make you a millionaire is faith and lots of it. They say faith overcomes all obstacles and to get where you are going, you will need lots and lots of faith – in your planning, your execution and your ability to see your plans through.

The same goes for your financial backers, if you have any that is. They will need to have lots of faith and patience to go along with the funds they have backed you with.

For financial backers, having lots of faith would be apt, as faith always go hand in hand with prayers.

Step 6

The next all-important ingredient that you would need to make you a millionaire is patience. It’s a word frequently used but seldom put into practice. It is vastly underrated but its a priced commodity that you could never have enough of it especially when the going gets tough and nerves gets really stretched and jangling.

Know that saying that when going get tough the tough gets going? Whether its true or not, you still need patience to withstand all that comes at you. Including the kitchen sink.

After all, did they not say that patience is a virtue?

Step 7

Dedication – that’s another ingredient that you would need to make you into a millionaire. Dedication to the pursuit of the objective. And what is the objective?

Look back to Step 1, which should bring back to focus just what exactly are we working so hard for, sacrificing all that could make our lives a little bit easier and fun.


Bill Gates, the richest man in the world. 0.1 % of what you have my way Mr Gates? (sourced from

Now, whether the above 7-step ‘What to Do’ can really do it for me to achieve that goal to be a millionaire is open to debate. Whether others would agree to my 7-Step list is also open to debate. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. And who is to say that it is a 7-step process? Why not eight? Why not nine? Why have a list at all? And who is to say that you have to stop at a certain number?

Same thing as a bucket list. Not two bucket list are the same, but it can be said that the common denominator for all lists is that they are personal.

Whatever it may be, here’s to giving it a try. And may success come our way.




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