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‘Nachmeinemeinung  is MY PERSONAL MEMOIR. It is a collection of my thoughts and opinions on issues or topics of interest as well as a recording of my life experiences.

It is a memoir of a man lucky enough to have travelled the world, to east and west, and meet people of different religions, of different beliefs, of different tongues and of contrasting yet similar cultures, as well as experience the changes that has changed the world we live in today.

And at the rate it is going, its not over yet, and hopefully not for many more years to come.’

November 2011


I was in Germany from March 1987- August 1988 for a course fully sponsored by one of Germany’s foundations, the Carl-Dusiberg-Gesellschaft (CDG). Since the course was primarily conducted in German, we naturally had to learn the language.

It was during this time that I came across the phrase ‘nach meine meinung’, which roughly meant ‘in my ‘humble’ opinion’. It was a phrase frequently used when one is voicing an opinion that may, more often than not, goes against conventional wisdom.

In Germany, it is sort of an unwritten rule that when an opinion is expressed, the phrase demands that the opinion be heard and be respected, but not necessarily concurred with.

Hence, my use of the phrase as my tagline, and unknowingly, being a novice at blogging, also sort of became my nom de plume.


When reading again what I wrote above, I discovered that it still stands true. This blog IS my personal memoir, littered with my personal thoughts and views on the various issues of the day coupled with my personal experiences, knowing full well that I had been lucky enough to have experienced what I have experienced.

My fervent hope is however, may it long continue and not end anytime soon.

March 2017

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. It is quite hard to find information about Johor Bahru! I would like to explain to you why I would like to locate this house near the Sultanah Aminah Hospital but that might be a little long for this space. I still have a (rather bad) picture of this house as well as a postcard of the hospital , dating from WWIi


  2. It’s great, especially the travel pieces with lots of information. I will try to incorporate some ideas into my itinerary when I’m travelling in Malaysia. Just a suggestion, to make it clearer, perhaps
    “Blogroll/ My Other Blogs”.

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  3. Very interesting blog, I enjoyed it very much.
    I’d like to give you a tiny tipp about your German blogtitle. 🙂
    I am a German native speaker and I am learning English presently. So I know very well, what it means to write in another language.
    Cheers, Ilka

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      1. Ok 🙂 You have two options to write “in my opion” in German: either you use “meiner Meinung nach” or “meine Meinung”. For your blogtitle it would be more precisely to use “meine Meinung”. This is shorter and more clearly too and for English user better to read. Your current blogtitle is grammatically incorrect, but I think it is a great idea to use “meinemeinung”.

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      2. You’re welcome! You can always ask me for the right German phrase.
        I am from Eastern Germany, but currently I live in Bavaria. 🙂


      3. Danke sehr for the offer. I will bear that in mind,

        My posts with regards to my stay in Germany have the heading ‘Sonst noch was’. You may want to have a read, if you have not already.

        Again, many thanks for the tip and for dropping by.

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