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To do a Leicester : Dreams Do Come True.


Leicester City Football Club (image sourced from wikipedia.org)

When the referee of the English Premier League (EPL) football (or soccer, depending on where you are from) game between Spurs and Chelsea blew his whistle to signal the end of the EPL game, the reaction amongst the millions of football fans all over the world, never mind those at Leicester, was a mix of joy, wonderment, amusement, amazement, and maybe, a small dose of pride as well.

All this emotions amidst the many shakes of the head. Why? Because, basically and essentially, for all of us, we have witnessed a fairy tale come true.

lcfc champions bbc

(image sourced from bbc.co.uk)

For nine months, twenty teams making up the English Premier League (EPL) battled it out, playing half the total number of 38 games played in a year at home and the other half away at the grounds of opposing teams.

For nine months, we witnessed teams assembled to the tune of a few hundred millions pounds sterling slugged it out with teams that were assembled, for whatever reason there’d be under the sun, for a fraction of the cost and yet, could not get the desired results against these ‘lesser’ teams. And this despite playing on their home turf, never mind playing at away grounds.

kasper scheimechel daily mail uk

Kasper Schmeichel – out from the shadow of his father, the legendary Danish goalkeeper, Peter Schmeichel and now a champion in his own right (image sourced from dailymail.co.uk)

For nine months, we witnessed star studded teams comprising of international players, some coming as far away as from South America, struggled to put up any sort of a decent run of games and/or performances of merit.

Yet, most of us expected that the Championship will finally end up at either the front doors of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United or Manchester City, the four clubs with the most in their financial and human ware arsenal.

And when the final whistle blew and it was unequivocally confirmed that Leicester City is the new EPL Champion, not Arsenal, not Chelsea, not any one of the Manchester clubs but Leicester City Football Club, all hell broke loose but in the nicest possible way.

claudio ranieri skysports

Claudio Raneiri – Tinkerman no more. (image sourced from skysports.com)

It re-affirms that belief that you don’t need bags of money to succeed. It also re-affirms that if you work hard and put in 100% effort, you have every chance at success.

It also re-affirms that if you believe in yourself and the people who are together with you in your quest, you can go a long, long way.

And it also re-affirms, if you have a dream and no matter how improbable it may seem, if you persevere and keep working at it with all the belief and faith that you can muster, it might just come true.

lcfc v lfc forbes

If Liverpool can’t win the League, Leicester winning it is OK. (image sourced from forbes.com)

For that, we must not only congratulate Leicester City Football Club for winning the English Premier League but thanked them, for putting words like ‘belief’, ‘faith’, ‘perseverance’ back into the picture.

Leicester City Football Club’s amazing feat is now immortalize in all languages of the world, with ‘to do a Leicester’ as an inspiration to many of us harbouring dreams of success. And long may it be so.